Five Easy Ways to Save Money While Studying Abroad

There is no greater buzz kill than taking a look at your bank account midway through your study abroad experience and seeing a number that is significantly lower than you expected. Follow these five easy tips to save money and avoid the bank account blues while making the most of your time abroad.


  1. Budget, Budget, Budget

    • I cannot stress the importance of both creating and sticking to a reasonable budget while abroad. Budgeting will keep you from wasting money on tourist traps and impulse purchases. Create your budget before you leave, and I promise you’ll thank yourself later.
    • Insider Tip: Break down your budget by month and by week to make the most of your money.
  2. Limit Eating Out

    • The quickest way to blow your budget abroad is going out to eat all the time. Of course, part of traveling is enjoying local cuisine, so make the times you do go out worthwhile by locating good restaurants ahead of time. You’ll have something to look forward to, and you’ll avoid pricey tourist traps.
    • Insider Tip: Cooking while abroad can be fun. Explore local markets and grocery stores, and use local ingredients as much as possible.
  3. Travel for Cheap

    • Traveling, especially within Europe, doesn’t have to be expensive. One easy way to travel for cheap is to use a student travel company. They offer pre-planned trips for students across Europe for super low prices. The trips include transportation, safe accommodation, optional city tours and other excursions.
    • Insider Tip: One student travel company that I love is Florenceforfun. Click HERE to check out different destinations, and feel free to use my code “AMEENA” to save 5% on all trips!
  4. Walk

    • This may seem like a given, but hear me out. Walking is not only free, it’s great exercise, and it’s an easy way to get to know your surroundings. While you’re abroad, walking 5-7 miles per day is pretty typical. So, skip pricey cabs and uncomfortable public transport, and walk whenever and wherever possible.
    • Insider Tip: Download Maps2go from the App Store. This app downloads city maps to your phone, and guides you without using wifi or data.
  5. Pack your student I.D.

    • Don’t forget to pack your student I.D. when you head abroad. The United Sates is not the only country to offer student discounts. In Italy, you can use your student I.D. to save at museums, restaurants and public transport. Ask for student discounts wherever you go, and you’ll be surprised at how much you end up saving.
    • Insider Tip: The Italian word for student is “studente”.



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