Six Reasons Your Study Abroad Friends will Last a Lifetime

You Got Lost Together

While struggling to navigate a foreign city, you’ probably got lost a time or twenty. If you’ were lucky, your study abroad friends were along for the ride. The times you rode the wrong city bus around town for hours, took a wrong turn or hopped on a train going to the middle of nowhere were transformed from travel nightmares to accidental adventures because you’ are a group that understands it’’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Cramped Living Quarters

Communal living abroad is quite different than sharing a college apartment back home. Apartments abroad are typically smaller, and one bathroom for four plus people is the norm. Between sharing a bedroom, bathroom and closet space (or lack thereof), you’ are bound to become close both literally and figuratively with your study abroad companions in no time.

Zero Judgment When it Comes to Your Excessive Calorie Intake

You’ will probably only study abroad once, and unless you’re training for the Olympics or attempting to give Gigi Hadid a run for her money during fashion week, dieting will be the last thing on your mind. From gelato in Florence to chocolate in Switzerland to 3 a.m. after-bar-Gyros in Barcelona, you’’re trying it all. Instead of judging your never-ending appetite for adventure and foreign food, your study abroad friends will be right there with you, down to the last calorie.

They Know Too Much

Studying abroad will be hands down the best experience of your life. It will also be a time full of the most embarrassing moments. Your group might start off as an awkward bunch of strangers at the orientation meeting, but once you’’re abroad, you’ will quickly become a tight-knit family, and you will guard each other’’s secrets when it comes to food poisoning, foreign guys and face-planting in the middle of a the VIP section of a club. Cliché as it may be, at the end of the day, your study abroad friends will always have your back.

They Put Up With Your Constant Reminiscing

Long after you have told everyone who will listen about the time you sipped Sambuca while looking out at the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean as you went island hopping through the Dalmatian islands of Croatia, or the day you managed to spend 100 Euro on lunch, lose your credit card and forget to turn in your final project, your study abroad pals are the only people who will never get tired of your constant reminiscing.

They Aren’t Limited to the Group You Arrived With

Though your core study abroad group from home will quickly become a little family, the other friendships you make abroad aren’’t to be discounted. From the friends of friends from home you run into at a cafe in Italy to the total strangers who quickly become friends due to your shared wanderlust to your tour guides and companions on weekend trips, your study abroad circle will grow to include friends from around the globe.  


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