How to Spend One Day in Lucca


Lucca is a charming Tuscan town located near the Serchio river. While it’s known within Italy as a hub for music, food and art, Lucca is most well-known for the uniquely preserved Medieval walls that encircle the town’s historic center. Compared to other towns in the region, Lucca is relatively flat and the top sights are […]

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51 Things to See, Eat and Do in Florence, Italy


Check out my list of 51 things to see, eat and do in Florence for tips and tricks on how to see the city’s most famous attractions while avoiding tourist traps and experiencing Firenze like a local. 1. Walk along the Arno Insider tip: The River Arno cuts through the middle of Florence. The most picturesque […]

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Travel and Adventure Quotes: The Ultimate List


After I graduated from college, I said no to the idea of a conventional desk job. Instead, I took a job in Italy, created a Travel Blog and set out to see the world. While I wouldn’t want things any other way, I’d be lying if I said there aren’t hard days and days when I […]

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These 13 Pictures Will Make You Want To Drop Everything And Go To Venice


Truman Capote said it best when he said, “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” The sheer beauty of Venice is unlike any city in the world. Take a look at the 13 pictures that make me want to drop everything and head to The Floating City. PIN THIS […]

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Five Easy Ways to Save Money While Studying Abroad


There is no greater buzz kill than taking a look at your bank account midway through your study abroad experience and seeing a number that is significantly lower than you expected. Follow these five easy tips to save money and avoid the bank account blues while making the most of your time abroad.   Budget, […]

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To My Friends Who Voted for Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump is the president-elect. He won. There’s a phrase I never wanted to type, and in all honesty, I never truly believed I would have to. This morning, my incredulity turned into sadness and fear. For a minute, I refused to accept what I was hearing, but as the reality started to sink […]

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The 10 Items I Forgot to Pack Before Moving Abroad and Desperately Wish I Hadn’t


Packing for a semester abroad takes tons of organization and planning. The process of predicting every item you’ll use for the next four to six months, shopping for said items and somehow managing to squeeze everything into one suitcase (I recommend vacuum seal bags) is exhausting to say the least. The bad news is, there […]

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